Analyst & Influencer Virtual Roadshow 2020

Thank you for your RSVP. We look forward to briefing you during our Analyst & Influencer Virtual Roadshow 2020, which is taking place between September 7 – 18, 2020.

This year, a few of the areas that we plan to present are:

  • The company current state of affairs and strategy
  • New announcement
  • Product roadmap updates
  • The results of the COVID-19 SNAP survey: We will share with you the findings on how the manufacturing and distribution sectors have been impacted by the pandemic
  • Customer success stories

The theme of our roadshow this year  is  “The Shift”. There is no doubt that 2020 has been marked by global disruption and uncertainty. For global manufacturers and distributors, business as usual has seen a significant shift. On the one hand, the “new normal” has accelerated technological innovation and on the other, many businesses have needed to completely adjust their long-term strategies to survive.

Join Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, JP van Loggerenberg, Chief Technology Officer, and Darren Edwards, Sales Enablement Manager as they unpack the impact of this shift along with our business strategy.

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