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Get ready for the SYSPRO Global CEO Awards

At SYSPRO we value outstanding work, and these awards have been created to recognize and reward passion, commitment and excellent performance throughout our business.

The 2022 Awards will have 13 categories, most of which will be open to all employees to nominate candidates. Nominations will be done through a digital vote to nominate system and the final winners will be selected through a combination of most votes and input from EXCO members (in cases of ties).

The 2020 and 2021 awards were a great success, and the 2022 awards are expected to be even bigger and more impactful due to increased employee engagement in the nomination process. Three new categories have been added to recognize outstanding contributions by employees who support the Learning for Growth initiative and the Conversations for Growth (Mentorship) program. The third new category is the People’s Choice Award which will be in recognition of an employee who most clearly demonstrates their contribution to a positive work environment.

Benefits of Winning

  • Full recognition from SYSPRO across all our digital/social media platforms
  • Congratulatory letter from our CEO Jaco Maritz
  • Certificate
  • Category Award

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

– Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

List of Global CEO Awards

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The SYSPRO UPlift Award (for excellence in CSR)

Open to all
This award recognizes the individual who has positively contributed in a meaningful way to one or more of the SYSPRO UPlift pillars. The award winner demonstrates generosity, has a remarkable social conscience, and goes above and beyond in assisting the company to roll out corporate responsibility initiatives.

2021 Winner - Angela Chandler
2020 Winner - Venga Tan

Excellence in Customer Centricity

Open to all
This award recognizes the employee who focuses on always prioritizing a customer-centric approach (customer satisfaction first). It acknowledges the individual who understands customers and treats them with honesty, courtesy, and respect. This person takes ownership of customer needs and sees them through to their conclusion.

2021 Winner Jamie Veinot
2020 Winner Tracey Gates

Excellence in Sales Success

Regional Leaders only

Nominations for this award are at the discretion of regional leads using the criteria below as a guideline:
• Exemplary achievement and performance in Sales
• Consistently exceeds the expectations of the position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements and expectations
• Demonstrates exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues, customers and channel
• Commitment to offering a world class customer experience
• Contributes and demonstrates commitment to SYSPRO’s core values of winning together and growth mindset

2021 Winner - Ken Leong
2020 Winner - Jane Tully

Excellence in Living Our Values

Open to all
The winner of this award displays behavior in support of our 6 SYSPRO values:
Growth Mindset
Winning together

2021 Winner Katrina Hansell
2020 Winner Jeremy Clinton

Excellence in Leadership

Open to all
This award pays tribute to the person who displays excellent communication skills, delegates, and empowers effectively, motivates, and inspires and displays excellent decision-making capabilities.

2021 Winner Tiffany Gierke
2020 Winner Sanjay Galal

Excellence in Innovation and Creativity

Open to all
The recipient of this award takes a visionary view of challenges and solutions. They are open to change and are able to present ideas thoroughly and effectively. They are independent thinkers and have the ability to inspire those around them.

2021 Winner Duppie Du Plessis
2020 Winner Leah Evangelista

Excellence as a SYSPRO Brand Ambassador

Open to all
This award goes to the person who is passionate about the product, the company and our people and displays a keen and in-depth understanding of our business. They are constantly building and strengthening relationships and demonstrate natural leadership skills.

2021 Winner Erin Schlee
2020 Winner Dana Jacob

Excellence in Supporting the SYSPRO Product

Open to all
The recipient of this award inspires customer loyalty through outstanding service, displays commendable responsiveness and consistently meets agreed deadlines. They work tirelessly to find the best solutions for internal or external customers and exhibits a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for tackling challenges.

2021 Winner James Robinson
2020 Winner Eva Lau

SYSPRO Unsung Hero Award

Open to all
This award focuses on the person who consistently works behind the scenes (focus on internal support functions) with a positive attitude and a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary. The award recipient is selfless and always acts in the best interest of coworkers and the business.

2021 Winner Lynette Fagan
2020 Winner Annie Jurbandam

New Additions

The People’s Choice Award

NEW: Open to all
The recipient of this award is valued for his or her willingness to take time out of a busy schedule to provide emotional support and encouragement to colleagues. SYSPRO values individuals who contribute positively to a culture that supports mental health and wellbeing.


Excellence in Mentorship

NEW: Open to all
This award is for recognizing an individual who is an advocate and active participant in our mentorship program – Conversations for Growth through Mentorloop. This individual shows consistent and impactful behavior due to their participation in a mentoring relationship, either as a mentor or mentee.


Excellence in Learning

NEW: Learning & Development


This award recognizes an individual who supports the Learning for Growth initiative by developing and maintaining a Growth Mindset though continuous learning. The award will be facilitated by the Learning and Development team by using analytics from our learning experience platform, SYSPRO LearnIt Online.

The Phil Duff Award


Our most prestigious award!

This is an overall award for all round exemplary performance and service. It is awarded to the employee who consistently gives of their best for the benefit of our business and our people. The recipient embodies the spirit of SYSPRO and is an inspiration all those around him/her.

2021 Winner Steve Bassaw
2020 Winner JP van Loggerenberg

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