Website Structure

Pages – Only Direct Landing Pages and Thank you pages should be uploaded here

Thought Leaderships – Previously known as Press releases. Any press release that is more blog worthy than being a news item

Press Releases – Items that refer to new management, changes in the business etc

AssetsPosted in the Posts section of wordpress

  • whitepapers
  • customer success stories
  • videos
  • webinars
  • factsheets
  • brochures
  • ebooks
  • analyst reports

Please only use one category, a relevant industry tag and related topics (upto 4)

Members – Exco and regional staff

ISV Partners – Upload the partner name, short description, partner thumbnail, partner long description

Partners – Upload the partner name, short description, partner thumbnail, select the region that the partner falls within


Using the Templates Page for Design

-Copy and Paste sections from the template page into the new page

-Ensure the use of the breadcrumbs header

-Followed by the header banner image

-Followed by the grey intro section

Guidelines to using other template sections.
– for square bullet points – use text widget from the template. After pasting the widget simply add this css class to the widget. syspro-list-style

-buttons should be orange and copied directly from the templates page

-saved sections with shortcodes (global sections) –> This can be found in the dashboard of wordpress > Templates > Saved Templates > Section

-fonts and colors used within a page should be chosen from the global settings.


Syncing / Push to live

New Page: If a page/post is Global:
Corporate will upload the content on > push to
We will inform you that the content now appears on USUAT – you can then login, make regional changes to the content and then push to the live site using the WP-sync plugin.

New Page: If a page/post is US specific, please upload the content to then push to the US live site using the sync plugin.

Changes to pages/posts
Makes changes to the site, then push to US live site.

Icon Usage


-preferably use line icons

-use icons from the elementor pack or svgs that have been uploaded to the site

-use solid icons if a line icon version is not available

-Primary color =blue
light version= light grey
dark monotone= dark grey
hover color=orange (only where needed to showcase the a box/link can be clicked)


-use gradients on icons

-use images as icons

-exceed 25px in icon size


Uploading Assets


-attached a relevant category that the asset fits into (only 1)

-attach a thumbnail png (correct to the relevant size that we are using on the site)

-have a title that is relevant to the actual asset name

-have content as a description

-select a relevant industry tag (ie. manufacturing or distribution or both)

-select related tags (upto 4 )

Chat to ray about gating the assets



-upload an asset without a thumbnail

-select multiple categories

-add your own tags and categories

-leave the asset uncategorized



-check for relevant size needed for a new image (eg. a thumbnail for an asset should be the same size as other similar thumbnails)

-name your image with a relevant title and no space in between. Use dashes as space (

-compress your image (use this site)

-use SYSPRO corporate style imagery



-upload duplicate images! check the media library to ensure that you do indeed need to upload a new image

-upload files that exceed 200kb

-add striking color backgrounds to imagery

-never add background colors and gradients as imagery

301 Redirects


-add a redirect only when necessary

-add your redirect to the US team redirect

-deindex pages that are not needed (chat to ralesh about this)


-create chain / duplicate redirects

-let redirects sit longer than 2months on the site

-redirect unnecessary 404’s (ie. pagination pages that are showing on google)