Partner Advisory Council

At SYSPRO we do our best to encourage an active and engaged partner community. We know that you are on the front line on a daily basis, meeting with our customer and prospects. You observe  change up close and are required to adapt to changing customer demands. In an effort to better align with our partner community, we are proud to be announcing the launch of our SYSPRO Partner Advisory Council, also referred to as SYSPRO PAC.

Through a nomination process by our channel partners, two partners from each of our key regions will be voted in to represent the PartnerUP community. A total of eight partners across the globe will become members of the PAC.

Benefits of the SYSPRO PAC

What We Looking For

Strategic Advisor

A partner who is willing to share knowledge, expertise and act as a strategic business advisor.  

Industry Leaders & Influence

A partner who has a good customer track record, has been a SYSPRO partner for a minimum of 24 months and is seen by fellow peers as an influencer and industry leader. Has the ability to provide deep insights into changing customer needs and demands.      


A partner that has the respect and the best interest of the PartnerUP community at heart and can communicate and collaborate on their behalf.

The Structure


The eight partner nominations for the council will be selected as follows:  2x APAC Region, 2x Africa Regions, 1x Canada, 1x Europe and 2x USA.

Annual Forum

Two PAC meetings will be held annually.


Access to SYSPRO key executives.

Nominate Your Preferred Partner!

Nominations close on 7 January 2021, and the final PAC members will be announced by 22 January 2021.

Say Hi & Get in Touch

To find out more about PartnerUP and PAC, reach out to us.

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