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SEO Optimization

Google has come forth with an update to their search engine capabilities by serving optimized content to end users.

How does this affect us?

– SYSPROs old website suffered from SEO optimization that prevented SYSPRO from being recommended and made it difficult to rank number 1 on search engines by not complying to Search Engine perimeter guidelines. This affected our searchability and thus made to develop our campaigns and deliver the right content to the right people

– The new website has optimized Content from researching the most optimal keywords and restructuring our content to deliver brand awareness and drive enquires by showcasing our entire product range digitally, this was done through optimizing each page and constructing a user journey that delivered more information than they needed.

The old website struggled with driving traffic to generate good quality leads as the optimization was outdated with the terms of google guidelines and the content was not optimized enough for pages to get promoted, as with the new website, we have chosen an optimization route that is relevant to our industry, digitally, to target and drive good quality traffic organically and increase our brand awareness, this way we can compete more for our competitors space.
We have the ability now to rank on the top of google organically, the first page og Google listing receives 33% of all search traffic. Search engine visibility directly correlates to boosted web traffic and increased revenue, Ranking on the first page of Google boosts credibility among potential clients. Google ranks websites based on created content, website speed, and mobile usability.
By optimizing our pages and building authority we have the potential ability to reach the top of paid search results and among first-page organic rankings provide consumers additional opportunities to visit your website and bolster brand credibility.
By optimizing the new websites on Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we have the ability to better find and locate cleaner data to increase our decision making process when developing promotions and driving campaigns. This will allow us to be ahead of our competitors and follow trends that occur in the digital market.

Through Better UX / UI - Decreased Bounce Rate & Increase in Page Popularity

Data examples from July 2021 to Aug 2021


Bounce Rate

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South Africa

Bounce Rate

Top Ranking Pages


Bounce Rate

Top Ranking Pages


Bounce Rate

Top Ranking Pages


Bounce Rate

Top Ranking Pages

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SEO Optimization

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SEO Optimization unpacked

Major SEO Changes

Old Meta Data for ERP SYSTEMS Page

New Meta Data for ERP SYSTEMS Page



Old Make to Stock Readability

New Make to Stock Readability

Major Permalink Changes

Incorrect Permalink Structure

New Permalink Structure

Business Needs Permalink vs Business Management Page content

Digitization Permalink vs Digitalization content

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Driving Conversions & CTA's

Resource download form stats based on source of submission

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